Art Materials

Contemporary Charcoals:
Maudie Brady

When it comes to art, Maudie Brady is a true Renaissance woman. Mastering the fields of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, from drawings to sculpture, Brady has also enjoyed an acclaimed career within the field of sculpture and prop design for television and film.

Contemporary Charcoals:
Damian Goidich

Each time I begin a drawing I recognize that I get to participate in a ritual that has existed for thousands of years. It’s a fascinating and humbling experience to think that this act of committing thoughts and emotions to a surface with nothing more than a burnt stick of wood (or ground pigment for those of you who paint) has proceeded uninterrupted since the early humans attempted to reconcile both the natural and supernatural world through creative expression. It’s a wonderful legacy to be a part of.

The Early Drawings of
Willem de Kooning

Often when we think of de Kooning, abstract and animated compositions most likely come to mind, and rightly so: alongside contemporaries such as Jackson Pollock, de Kooning ranks among the most influential artistic figures working in the mid-20th century. What some might not realize, though, is that de Kooning began his career ensconced in a more traditional, academic technique. It

The Finer Points of Art from Nitram Charcoal by Robert Dutton

Great news! ‘The Artist’ magazine have published a great article to help you with your drawing…and all with Nitram Charcoal!

The article as you can see is described as ‘The Finer Points of Art…’ and this may seem like a bit of a contradiction since charcoal sticks are big lumpy things – are they not more suited to expressive drawings and sketching?

Not so! Throw that idea out of the window…along with your old lumpy charcoal! Nitram Charcoal (made in Canada) have created lots of different thicknesses and grades of charcoal from soft to hard so that all manors of creative possibilities are achievable with their consistently fine grade charcoal.

New Wave Disposable Palette

Here’s a photo of Patricia Adolph from Nitram Charcoal working on her latest still life using the New Wave TIMBr Pad. Pat said “I really like the durability because I can use the palette over several days!”

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