Charcoal Technique

Contemporary Charcoals: The Work of Eryk Giermak

Entitled “Contemporary Charcoals,” these entries will feature the works of rising international artists who are taking the art of charcoal drawing to new levels, from classical to cutting edge.

Andrea del Sarto: The Renaissance Workshop in Action

This exhibition comprises examples of del Sarto’s artistic production from some of the world’s greatest Renaissance art collections, including the British Museum in London and Florence’s Galleria degli Uffizi.

Technical Transformations:
The Evolution of the Charcoal Medium

Vine versus compressed charcoal: what’s the difference? This might seem like a question reserved for only a new artist who is deciding which to purchase. It is also worth consideration, however, on the part of the more seasoned artist, as each form
evolved in response to artistic demand over history and has encouraged the charcoal medium to become the diverse and dynamic field of artistic production that it is today.

Take Back The Lines

Garth Laidlaw, animator and illustrator, challenges artists to use Nitram Charcoal to remove themselves from their screen and recognize the benefits of charcoal figure drawings.

Hunting for the History of Charcoal

Thousands of years ago, when the earliest human cultures made the giant leap forward into artistic expression in caves across the globe, they introduced the world to a new visual language . . . and to the medium of charcoal. Charcoal is beloved for its rich variety of artistic effects, but it can also boast […]

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