Life Drawing by Florent Farges using Nitram Charcoal

Watch as Florent Farges, a classically trained artist from France, creates this stunning life drawing using many different forms of Nitram Charcoal.

Atelier Artien Exhibition: Épure de L’Intime

Nitram Charcoal is always excited to hear of artists who enjoy using our products, but we are doubly enthusiastic when we hear of such works included in exhibitions! That is why we wanted to devote this blog to promoting an engaging new exhibition at the Atelier Artien in the Parisian suburb of Montreuil that opens […]

After Experimenting with Various Drawing Tools …

“After experimenting with various drawing tools I have now settled on a handful that work for my practice. The Nitram bâton is one of them. The bâton’s simple, elegant design reminds me to slow down and enter the next phase of my work. It offers a completely different experience from when I start out — a more fluid and controlled execution while still retaining the original energy of the composition.”

Big Announcement:
Nitram is Gluten Free

Posted 07 Oct 2016 | General, News, Nitram

When I travel coffee is my rite of passage into every day. At the Art Materials trade show in Denver, every morning, I made the pilgrimage down to the coffee shop for the Lattes. Back in my room I noticed the “product positioning” on my cup – HAND HARVESTED. How do they know that the […]

In Case of Fire… Rock on

Posted 03 Aug 2016 | General, News, Nitram

The “conflagration” which is what I am now calling the fire at the Nitram factory, had overwhelmed me – psychologically and even physically. I did not feel inspired to paint or draw or even doodle. These sort of events are life changing. I needed a diversion. Something to focus my mind and body on. Several […]

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