A Superior Charcoal – A Review
by Robert Dutton

This report is taken from the April 2015 issue of The Artist Magazine. Robert Dutton gives a review on the unparalleled quality of Nitram Charcoal.

Nitram’s New Drawing Device

Posted 12 Feb 2015 | Art Materials, General, News, Nitram

Introducing the NEW Nitram Bâton. A new drawing device that allows you to combine the worlds of drawing and painting. Conduct your art!

Mixing matte and gloss

Charcoal and graphite can produce some interesting results with the combination of the matte of charcoal and the gloss of graphite. Together, the matte and glossy look creates a unique drawing that can sometimes look different depending on the angle its viewed from. Charcoal and graphite each have their own characteristics and reflect light differently.

Charcoal with Other Media

There are times when monochrome just won’t suit a portrait or landscape drawing, but it doesn’t mean the charcoal batons need to be abandoned.

Drawing Caricature with Charcoal

Posted 27 Oct 2014 | Charcoal Technique, Nitram

The art of caricature is simply the art of exaggeration—minimize the small features and maximize the larger features. Drawing caricatures with Nitram charcoal is very simple and rewarding, while creating a great piece of artwork to satisfy your subject.

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