Coastal Creativity at Cober Hill by Robert Dutton

Robert Dutton, a Nitram Charcoal ambassador shared this original article on his blog He had a fabulous week of teaching on the Coast of Yorkshire with 14 students on a successful residential art holiday. Keep reading to see some great shots of Nitram Charcoal in action on location in the United Kingdom!

Featured Artist: Milixa Morón

Milixa is a fine artist and realist painter, devoted to the resurgence and preservation of representational painting in art. She has a wide range of sources of inspiration, including symbolism, mythology of different cults, religions or cultures, universal symbols, universal beliefs, psychological behavior, and stories or people from history that left an important reflection or […]

Big Announcement:
Nitram is Gluten Free

Posted 07 Oct 2016 | General, News, Nitram

When I travel coffee is my rite of passage into every day. At the Art Materials trade show in Denver, every morning, I made the pilgrimage down to the coffee shop for the Lattes. Back in my room I noticed the “product positioning” on my cup – HAND HARVESTED. How do they know that the […]

In Case of Fire… Rock on

Posted 03 Aug 2016 | General, News, Nitram

The “conflagration” which is what I am now calling the fire at the Nitram factory, had overwhelmed me – psychologically and even physically. I did not feel inspired to paint or draw or even doodle. These sort of events are life changing. I needed a diversion. Something to focus my mind and body on. Several […]

Man of the Moors

Join professional UK artist Robert Dutton as he demonstrates in this short film how Nitram Charcoal is an integral part of his creative expression with his richly layered atmospheric paintings of the wild South Pennines of England. Exciting outdoor and indoor studio mixed media paintings explored in all seasons! Robert offers a wide range of […]

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