Contemporary Charcoals:
Nic De Jesus

Capitalizing on the versatility of the charcoal medium, South African artist Nic De Jesus plays powerfully with atmospheric perspective in his work, blending his photographer’s eye with his innate innovative approach to artistic production.

Figure Drawing Process at the Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art

In what follows, we will offer you a short insight to the methodology and figure drawing process with Helena López, a student at the Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art. Let this serve as an introduction to the values you have to search, the order you have to follow and concepts you’ll come back to throughout […]

FIRE at the Nitram Charcoal Facility

Posted 20 Jun 2016 | General, News, Nitram

As these picture show, the devastation to the Nitram facility was total and complete. No one was hurt, and that is always the most important thing.
The next batch of Nitram will not be made for at least a year. We have some inventory but it is going very fast.

Nicolas Poussin & the Perfection of Drawing

Amid the great names of the 17th century, French painter Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) was one of the greatest. An innovative figure that had an uncanny ability to blend academic refinement with classical trends of his day, Poussin yielded a remarkably varied body of work. Amidst his vast oeuvre of paintings, Poussin was also a prolific draftsman, dedicating a significant portion of his study to drawings and sketches after the masterworks of earlier generations.

Featured Artist: Susie Home

Susie studied Fine-Art & Graphics at Ravensbourne & Croydon Art Colleges before taking up a career in Design & Production within the Publishing industry. Latterly she was Cover Design & Production Manager for Sage Publications, commissioning artists and designers having previously worked for many other Publishing companies. She is an experienced lecturer, having taught at […]

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