Life Drawing

Figure Drawing vs. Social Media

Recently, we have had images reported on Facebook for Nudity, which results in the image being removed completely. To set something straight, Facebook and Instagram strictly prohibit pornographic or sexually explicit images – NOT drawings that were created for educational or artistic purposes. ⠀ ⠀ Figure Drawing has played an important role in the artistic […]

Life Drawing by Florent Farges using Nitram Charcoal

Watch as Florent Farges, a classically trained artist from France, creates this stunning life drawing using many different forms of Nitram Charcoal.

Figure Drawing Process at the Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art

In what follows, we will offer you a short insight to the methodology and figure drawing process with Helena López, a student at the Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art. Let this serve as an introduction to the values you have to search, the order you have to follow and concepts you’ll come back to throughout […]

Chiaroscuro Studio of Art

The Chiaroscuro Studio of Art based in Miami, Florida offers a curriculum based on the teaching method used by famous classical-realist academies.

Nitram’s New Warehouse, Office & Art Studio

When designing our new offices for Nitram I wanted to include a space dedicated to “doing and learning” art.
We finished the renovations recently and had our first life drawing class on Thursday, March 31, 2016.
The session started with some quick sketches to loosen up.

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