Nitram Fine Art Charcoal

The World's Finest Charcoal for Drawing

Bringing back the Nitram tradition.

About a year ago I decided to renew my artistic interests and talents by taking an art course at the Academy of Art Canada in traditional drawing and painting. When starting my first three dimensional cast drawing I asked my instructor Jeff what was the best charcoal to use. "Nitram Fusains" of course! Nitram was acknowledged as being the best.

However, it was impossible to locate any.

Through enquiry I learned that the inventor and manufacturer of Nitram had retired. Through some lengthy correspondence I came to an agreement with Nitram. I went to France and purchased all the equipment as well as learned all the processes and techniques to make the original Nitram Fusains available to artists again.

Nitram will be available starting January 2011.

Jerzy Niedojadlo
Nitram Arts Inc.